Couples therapy

Couples therapy & therapy for your relationship(s)

As a therapist, I see couples therapy as a valuable way for couples to significantly improve their relationships. This form of therapy provides a safe and supportive setting in which sensitive issues such as intimacy, communication and partnership dynamics can be openly addressed.

Here are some reasons why couples therapy can be of great benefit:

Improved communication:

Many couples struggle with communicating openly about their needs, desires and fears. In therapy, they learn to communicate effectively and empathically with each other, reducing misunderstandings and promoting mutual understanding.

Deeper understanding of each other:

Through the guidance of an experienced therapist, couples can develop a deeper understanding of their partner’s perspectives and emotional experiences. This promotes compassion and strengthens the emotional connection.

Overcoming conflicts:

In therapy, strategies are developed to resolve conflicts constructively. Couples learn to manage disputes in a way that strengthens the relationship instead of creating rifts.

Exploring and improving sex life:

Sex therapy can help individuals and couples overcome sexual problems, explore their sexual desires and live a more fulfilling sex life. Topics such as sexual dysfunction, differences in desire or sexual communication are addressed.

Healing from injuries:

Therapy provides a space to work through painful experiences such as infidelity, betrayals of trust or past trauma.

Strengthening the partnership:

By working on their relationship together, couples strengthen their commitment to each other and renew their understanding of the importance of their partnership.

Personal growth:

Last but not least, therapy promotes personal growth for both partners. Individuals learn to better understand and express their own needs and boundaries, which benefits not only the relationship but also their personal well-being.

In my role as a therapist, I am committed to helping couples and individuals shape their relationships and intimate lives in a way that brings them satisfaction and joy. By creating a trusting and open dialog, I support my clients in mastering and overcoming the challenges that living together and sexuality can hold.

Support with separation processes

The aim of couples therapy is not exclusively to preserve the relationship. In certain situations, separation proves to be the more advantageous option for both parties. The focus is then on facilitating a peaceful and respectful separation in which respectful interaction can be cultivated, open discussions can be held, and common issues can be clarified fairly. The main goal is to ensure a functioning cooperation as parents or business partners, or to successfully fulfill these roles under new circumstances.

Focus areas

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