Practice for psychotherapy

Mag.ª  Juliane Weinschenk

Integrative Gestalt Therapy

Psychotherapist in training under supervision

Finding strength.
Changing lives.
Growing together.

Picture (c) Rudolf Grünberger

In a world full of challenges and changes, it is often a courageous decision to focus on yourself and your own needs. As an experienced psychotherapist, I will accompany you on your path to greater self-understanding, inner strength and a more fulfilling life.

My therapeutic approach is characterized by a deep appreciation for the diversity of human experience. With a broad spectrum of focus areas, including relationship dynamics, women’s issues, intercultural issues, LGBTQIA+ concerns and overwhelming situations, I offer you a safe space for personal growth and healing.

Focus areas

In the mirror of therapy we recognize the facets of ourselves and find the way to inner balance.
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